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With over 200 years of combined experience, BestCareRx (“BCRx”) is uniquely qualified to demonstrate distinctive alternatives to prescription benefit challenges. BCRx offers innovative methods in balancing drug expenses and member satisfaction. Listed below are a few:

All employer organizations are different regarding wants, needs, desires and expectations.

Therefore, benefit strategies and/ or design may be required to meet the goals of the program.

Creative Plan Design Development

BCRx’s experience in various plan offerings provides pharmacy programs that can meet financial goals while satisfying member needs. Our “BAT” program demonstrates our commitment to client satisfaction: Budgetable, Accountable, Transparent!

​Plan Designs Based
on Budget Constraint

BCRx accesses our actuarial firm to develop the foundation for sensible funding needs then works with our underwriting team to formulate a plan design that dictates a budgetable result.

Precise Rating for Optimization

The BCRx’s service team can resolve issues quickly and effectively. We use our local network of Independent pharmacist to actively interface with members to address there immediate concerns. 

Client Contact

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